Wayne David Atherholt

Wayne David Atherholt addresses a crowd of 850 people at the Vinoy Renaissance Resort recently.

I’ve spent the last twenty five years or more in the non-profit attractions business primarily with Museums and other cultural attractions in a variety of capacities.  Earned income, tourism and financial management have been areas of specialization.  I’m pleased to be working with the many fine cultural institutions in the City of St. Petersburg and advising the Mayor on arts policy.

One thing I’ve realized finally is that not everyone knows how to properly manage a non-profit attraction and position it for success.  By sharing this information, I hope some smaller non-profits, including museums and others in the tourism industry will achieve greater results and enjoy financial stability.

One of the greatest things professionally is to see a marginal tourism destination become great.  It is a fascinating and complex process with many, many variables.  One of the amusing challenges I give myself when traveling is to imagine turning some rather mediocre tourism destinations into great ones in my mind.  Its my version of words with friends I suppose.

Where to find help for a tourist destination or how to make a destination a better tourist draw aren’t things that are easy to find answers to.  I hope to be able to answer some of those over time and maybe in some way help some destination or attraction out there that I ordinarily wouldn’t be able to touch.

For more information on my background, you may check out my LinkedIn profile at: LinkedIn.com/In/Museums 

I tweet on a variety of subjects such as #Museums #Travel #Tourism and the great city I currently live in #StPete.  You may follow me on twitter: @WayneAtherholt 

If you’re interested in travel, there’s a travel blog I write too: HowDoITravel.com.

Thanks for reading – now let’s connect.


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